Pre-order is an advance order , an order that can be made for a new product, which is not yet available in stock or available for shipment.

The advantage of buying pre-order items is that you can guarantee the item you want without risking it going out of stock as soon as it's online. Keep in mind that requests can sometimes be very high for certain items and it can happen that they are completely sold before they physically arrive at the warehouse.

Payment is required at the time the order is placed.

Pre Order
As all our items are part of limited editions, some of them will probably be in pre-order at the time of purchase. When you make your purchase, keep in mind that the items that are in pre-order/reserve require additional time to be shipped (normally we indicate the approximate date on which we receive the merchandise and start shipping) so with this type product we cannot meet the usual delivery times of 24-48 hours (please keep this in mind).

Is it possible to change a Pre-order?
Of course! We do not object to changes in size / product. If at any time before shipment you wish to make changes to the order, simply contact us at our email address or by whatsapp.

Is it possible to make an order in which the available products and the products in Pre-order are present?
Absolutely yes, you can make "combined" orders. Products in stock will be loaded and held by us until such time as the remaining items are available for shipment. Also note that if you want existing products to be shipped immediately, you should create a separate order that includes only the in-stock products.

What are the lead times to ship a preorder item once it's available?
We normally process orders on the day of receipt of the products. In most cases, therefore, the dispatch notification is sent within 1-2 business days of receipt of the goods.

Need help?
Just contact us. We will do our best to answer any questions!