"Find your style, embrace your independence: conscious fashion for bold women" - Alliwant

Welcome! I'm Ana, the founder of this fashion corner called Alliwant.

I have always been a very dreamer and dreams, I can assure you, come true.

My beginnings were not easy. Although we are in a good position now, the journey has been full of exciting ups and downs. Each stage has been an adventure to learn and absorb knowledge. However, every step has been worth it and we could not have gotten here without your valuable support.

Our history

Alliwant is a fashion brand created by women for women who are proud of themselves, strong and feminine.

Our story begins in 2016 in a small place in Campillos where Ana, entrepreneur and lover of
fashion, launches a mini collection of clothing. We ran out of stock after a few weeks!

We will always remember that moment: we feel the luckiest for the response of those first clients who trusted our project.

Currently the alliwant team has grown and is made up of six magical people who work daily to create all-terrain garments that accompany you on each of your life adventures.


Our favorite influencers, you.

The fact that you have come this far is already a reason for all the effort to be worth it. And every day there are more of you!

Each and every one of you is different, unique and unmatched . Each of you has a certain way of seeing and feeling life, of enjoying, dancing and laughing. Our lives and paths may be different, but they will always be united by who we are: strong and confident women.

For this reason, our greatest inspiration is always you: addicted to walks on Saturday mornings, which end in a brunch that lasts until the afternoon, wearing cowboy boots and
turning the daytime look into a great look for the night.

That rebellious spirit that our clothes have is breathed by the women who wear them.

Timeless, versatile and rebellious. The values ​​that reside in each of our garments.

This is where age really is just a number. Whether you are a mother, university student, entrepreneur, sister or grandmother, Alliwant can accompany your path.

  • Timelessness : we always look for our products to have "that touch" that makes a garment feel special, pretty and empowered, but without falling into the clichés of fast fashion . Therefore, an Alliwant garment is a garment that will accompany you season after season .
  • Our products bring out the best in you : we want when you dress and/or carry them, you feel that inner magic when you look in the mirror and see yourself more beautiful than ever. To do this, we use flattering cuts for any body type and unique prints in truly versatile fashion pieces.
  • Versatility: they are the true "for any occasion" : This time, you won't have to fool yourself, which sometimes happens to us when we buy a garment that we know perfectly well that we won't wear enough. The "I'll wear this for everything" on this occasion is indeed true!

Alliwant garments are easily combinable with each other and very versatile, so with small changes you will be ready to show off a new look in a completely different planning.