alliwant ambassadors

Hello alliwanter!!

We are looking for girls with a lot of spark who enjoy the alliwant style!! Cheerful, fun, risky... very ALLIWANT girls to be able to be the image of our brand on social networks!!

How? To be an alliwant basic ambassador it is important that you like to take photos and share them on your insta and that you take good care of the aesthetics of those photos and the alliwant looks you choose!!

alliwant ambassador program

Benefits for being an ambassador

  1. The basic ambassadors will receive private discounts so that you can buy your favorite alliwant garments at advantageous prices and show them off on networks!!!
  2. In addition, you will have special invitations to events
  3. And you can become the image of our brand

Requirements to be an ambassador

  1. Have a public profile (so we can see your photos)👀 open to everyone on Instagram
  2. Passion for fashion and photography
  3. Passion for the brand and our philosophy
  4. Take cool photos with the alliwant clothes! (be creative)
  5. Use the hashtag #embajadoralliwant in your best photos so we can see them!!
  6. IMPORTANT: Currently, they can only be girls who live in Spain


  • You don't have to have a minimum number of followers! What matters is that the photos you take are cool and go with the style of the brand. And share them with everyone with the hashtag #embajadoralliwant
  • It is a national action so you can live anywhere in Spain.
  • Remember that you have to use the hashtag #embajadoralliwant
  • We are choosing ambassadors little by little and we contact each one privately !! If we don't choose you now don't worry, it's a long-term action!!
  • Some of you ask us how to be an alliwant model. We normally do photo sessions in Malaga, which is where we are based, so we try to contact girls from that city to meet them and do a session!😊 If you're interested, we'll read you 👉 The models always take some clothes for having helped in the session

If you have any other questions, leave us a comment here and we will be happy to answer it for you!!! 😊

CHEER UP!!!! We would love to meet you!!!💗💗💗

We can't wait to meet our new ambassadors and do cool things together!